+ Dove Calderwood

Dove Calderwood

Eighteen Lives

"The possibility of my imminent demise loomed overhead."

Heather Kütz would like nothing more than to be a regular teenager. After striking a deal with Death to save her sister, she gets stuck in an endless loop of lives, all ending just before her nineteenth birthday.

When, during her eighteenth life, Death unexpectedly sweeps her into his domain, she's ready to give him a piece of her mind. But then he tells her about a group of rebellious spirits bent on returning to the living world. If Heather fails to help Death, the spirits will flood the world, undoing Death's power and obliterating life's natural balance in one fell swoop.

But Heather doesn't blame them; she's witnessed Death's deception time and again. As the conflict escalates, Heather must ultimately choose who to stand beside -- Death... or the lost souls literally fighting for their lives.

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